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Towards Modular Trusted Execution Environments

In this conference workshop the authors propose a modular TEE design. They apply this modular design to the M3 hardware/software co-design platform and demonstrate how TEE support can be made a first-class feature at the system-architecture level.

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Circularly Polarized Sub-THz Antenna Design for Distributed Deployment

In this paper, the writers propose an antenna-in-package concept for the single-layer substrate on low-cost embedded wafer level ball grid array (eWLB) packages.

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Distributed Radar Network with Polymer Microwave Fiber (PMF) Based Synchronization

This conference paper presents advancements on distributed radar networks, which provide numerous advantages such as increased angular resolution and improved signal-to-noise ratio.

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MinPool: A 16-core NUMA-L1 Memory RISC-V Processor Cluster for Always-on Image Processing in 65nm CMOS

This paper presents MinPool, a low-power image processor for always-on functions implemented in TSMC’s 65 nm technology and based on a tailored MemPool architecture.

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An 80 Gbps QAM-16 PMF Link Using a 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS Process

In this work a D-band (110 GHz – 170 GHz) polymer microwave fiber (PMF) link for high data rate communication is presented.

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A Beyond 100-Gbps Polymer Microwave Fiber Communication Link at D-band

In this work, a D-band (110-170 GHz) ultra high data rate link is presented and characterized.

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Disruptive TRX design for D-band

In today’s connected world, the demand for mobile communications and instant access to information, anytime and anywhere, has drastically changed the electronics landscape, both consumer and industrial. This book provides an overview of the latest research results in RF and digital SOI technology development for 5G and 6G, device and substrate characterization, packaging technology, and the realization of full systems including power amplifiers, linearization techniques, beamforming transceivers, access points, and radar detection.

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Software-Defined CPU Modes

CPUs contain a compute instruction set, which regular applications use. This paper explores the question, whether CPU modes could be defined entirely by software. Researchers show how such a design would function and explore the advantages it enables. They believe that pushing all existing modes under a common design umbrella would enforce a cleaner structure and more control over exposed functionality. At the same time, the flexibility of software-defined modes enables interesting new use cases.

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Dual Vector Load for Improved Pipelining in Vector Processors

Vector processors execute instructions that manipulate vectors of data items using time-division multiplexing (TDM). In this paper, the researchers propose a dual vector load: A parallel or interleaved load of the two input vectors. Their investigation finds that compute-bound and some memory-bound applications profit from this feature when the memory and compute bandwidths are sufficiently high. A speedup of up to 33 % is possible in the ideal case.

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