Welcome to the Public Deliverables section of COREnext, a European project dedicated to research and innovation in the fields of 5G, 6G, cyber security, and trustworthiness. Here, we present the tangible outcomes of our rigorous research and development efforts, showcasing our commitment to advancing technology and ensuring a secure digital environment. Dive into our deliverables to explore the cutting-edge solutions and insights emerging from our collaborative endeavors. Join us on our journey towards shaping the future of connectivity and security in the digital era!

D8.1 COREnext Impact Master Plan

This document outlines the dissemination, communication, and exploitation strategies for the COREnext Horizon Europe project. This plan will be relevant throughout the length of the project and will be adapted to best suit the needs of the project at every given time and stage of development. The aim of this plan is to deliver against established KPIs and maximise the outreach and exploitation potential of COREnext.

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D4.1 Concept for Hardware Security Primitives and Heterogeneous Acceleration

The COREnext project strives to develop trustworthy and efficient Beyond-5G and 6G mobile networks by means of efficient digital signal processing and mechanisms for isolation and orchestration. We propose the components to enable this vision. For the former, we will design heterogeneous RISC-V-based accelerators for various steps in the radio access network processing chain. For the latter, we will design orchestration solutions on accelerator, device and network level. In later deliverables, we will report on the development efforts and results.

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D3.1 Components for Trustworthy Disaggregated Computing Architecture

To describe the overall project architecture, we first review the target use cases the project has previously laid out in deliverable D2.1. The architecture we propose fundamentally improves the trustworthiness and efficiency of future Beyond-5G and 6G mobile networks. From this architecture, we identify components, where advancements beyond the state of the art are needed. These demands drive the technical development in work packages 4 and 5.

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D2.2 Definition and Impact of Trustworthiness

This report describes trustworthiness as a cross-cutting concern within the project. We start by analysing attacks relevant to the use cases and then show how the COREnext architecture and component developments address these attacks systematically.

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D2.1 Use Cases and Requirements

This report provides a description of use cases and requirements and mainly uses input from
WP2 tasks and other technical work packages. Some preliminary aspects of trustworthiness are also discussed here.

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D1.3 First Year Management Report

This document connects the deliverables submitted in year one to the project objectives. It
reports work performed within the work packages, summarizes achievements, and risks, and
finally concludes with a statement from the project’s Advisory Board.

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D1.1 Project Management Guidelines

COREnext is an ambitious project with many partners. To support the work plan, this
document outlines a management structure, management bodies, and their responsibilities, as well as the procedures by which bodies interact. Associated knowledge repositories, workflow tracking, and collaboration tools are laid out.

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